How to Start a Consulting Business Steps that Need to be Followed

There are many professionals who are simply expert in the field they serve, but sometimes they are not successful in starting their own consulting business.

These are recessionary times and in these times, consultancy can serve as one of the most perfect methods of forwarding unemployed professionals. Very similar to the other employment sectors in the present times, starting with a successful consulting business might be challenging. Therefore, it is important that you set up your consultancy in the proper manner. Some suggested and important steps that you can follow in learning How To Start A Consulting Business are as follows:

How To Start A Consulting BusinessResearch

The very first thing that you need to do in trying to start your very own consulting business is deciding on the type of consulting that you are looking forward to offer and who shall be your customers or clients. Try finding a niche that the people will really require. Once you are done with the procedure of deciding on what exactly you want to provide, make sure to acquire comprehensive knowledge on the subject. You need to buy books and even get some form of training in this sphere. Brushing up on your PowerPoint and word processing skills is also essential because these are some of the most important skills required by an expert consultant.


You must start writing good articles on a particular subject that you have chosen so that you get the name that you desire. You can even prepare a good quality press release for announcing the service that you are offering. Keep a story attached to your press release. At the same time you also need to prepare business templates. In case you are offering business consulting, you will require Feasibility Study, SWOT analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis. Try preparing minimum two presentations for introducing your consulting business to the potential clients. Last but not the least, prepare yourself thoroughly and get yourself some business suits, a laptop and a bag along with some quality stationary. It is important for you to appear successful and expensive if you are looking forward to charging exorbitantly for the services that you will be providing.


This is the perfect time for you to launch your consulting business. You can do this by following the steps below:

•    Try networking crazily

•    Answer ITTs or Invitation to Tender in the areas that you have chosen.

•    Try advertising and marketing techniques

•    Contact potential clients. You can even ask for scopes of making presentations.

•    Contact the companies which might require your skills and try offering introductory services to these companies.

•    Make way for free seminars.


You need to start preparing a good consultancy proposal once you are successful in alluring potential customers. Your consultancy proposal should outline:

•    Your thought regarding the business problem.

•    What can you do for solving the business problem

•    Amount of work involved

•    The advantages of taking the services of your consultancy

•    Your references and terms

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